pelicanAscending Technologies Pelican UAV

Uses: navigation and control algorithms, air quality sampling, imaging
ppuavPick-and-place UAV

Uses: grasping objects up to 250 grams
jhu_airgripper_smallAirGripper UAV

Uses: manipulation of objects up to 1 kg
jhu_ugv_smallRough-terrain model UGV

Uses: development of rough-terrain visual-inertial navigation and control algorithms
Iver3Iver3 AUV (shared with DSCL directed by Prof. Louis Whitcomb)

Uses: adaptive sampling for environment monitoring
vehicleJHU USV

Uses: adaptive sampling for environmental sensing and monitoring
Satbed_small2Cubesat ProxOps Testbed

Uses: development of perception and control autonomy algorithms for proximity operations
3DR_quadrotorOther custom UAVs